What’s included:

  3 Private Sessions (online or in person)

•  Weekly check-ins: 

•  to keep you on track 

•  to tweak and/or add to our action plan.

What to expect:

•  Take control of your mind and your game

•  Retrain your thoughts & habits for peak performance 

•  Get tools & techniques that put elite golfers above the rest

•  Strengthen your focus and confidence

•  Release tension for greater execution

•  Eliminate self-limiting doubts, fears or obstacles

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Massachusetts:  Martha's Vineyard

Arizona:  Scottsdale, Fountain Hills

And everywhere else in the world via Zoom 

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Cynthia da Silva Hypnotherapist

30-Day Golf Hypnosis Program:

Master Your Mental Game

On the golf course your mind can be your greatest strength OR your worst enemy.

What makes elite players great is their ability to control their minds on the course.

Hypnosis is known to increase focus and confidence and improve golf performance.

This 30-Day ‘Master Your Mental Game’ program will help you take control and elevate your game.

Let’s get started & Master YOUR Mental Game!


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